ASashine was able to select modern, atypical, rare or unreleased products.

Our fabrics come from all around the world and our range of Originals will surprise you.

The Originals of ASashine: alliance of timeless and beauty.

Originals There are 77 products.


  • Animals
    You will find in our "Animals" range a large number of fabrics with an animal aspect,

    Snake, Crocodile, Siren, Leopard ...

    Especially designed for the world of art, these fabrics will perfectly showcase all your creations.

  • Relief
    ASashine has selected a wide range of fabrics, with an aspect or a visual effect that will give relief and volume to your creations.

    To discover ...

  • Spangled
    Our range of spangled fabrics will give a bright and shiny dimension to all your creations.

    Ideal for making your leotards or show dresses, they may be also used to be customized.

  • Meshs
    Meshs are openwork fabrics that give personality and character to your outfits.

    Our range offers powerful colors, plain or shaded, and materials very different to the touch.

  • Vinyls
    ASashine was able to select for you simple and plain Vinyls, but also more original Vinyls.

    We will not fail to expand our range soon.

    The Vinyl is a flexible and elasticated fabric that perfectly reflects the light.

  • Sequins
    The inescapable range of our collection !

    Reversible or not, they absorb a lot of light and send sparkle back.

    Comparable to jewelry, they'll surprise you ...

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Showing 1 - 6 of 77 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 77 items