Eager to offer you the larger number of products, ASashine succeeded in proposing atypical and different articles.

You will find in this area “Accessories”, the essential tools to the finalization of your creations.

Accessories There are 76 products.


  • Belt Buckles and Rings

    Increasingly used, to give relief and originality to creations, our belt buckles and rings have very varied sizes, matters and colors.

  • Trimming

    This topic gathers all our articles presented in lines. In our range, you will find lines of rhinestones & nails, chains of all sizes and all matters, bands of petals, ribbons of satin.

    To discover for more relief, design & originality in your creations.

  • Sequins & Spangles

    Discover our range of sequins (20mm) to give brightness and relief to your creations.

    ASashine proposes 13 colors.

  • Fringes
    Discover our new range of Fringes “TASSEL”…

    The world reference in term of quality!

    New colors available soon ...

  • Feathers
    ASashine especially selected for you a range of atypical feathers, equipped with powerful and varied colors.

  • Others

    ASashine also proposes its adhesive for rhinestones, its mannequins (bust or complete body), its covers for leotards and its spangles for make-up.

    New products are coming soon.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 76 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 76 items